Macedonia is the northernmost and largest region of Greece, bordering with Albania, FYROM and Bulgaria. The region has a long history of culture while being the birthplace of Alexander the Great. Here lies Vergina, the capital of Ancient Macedonia, where the most important archeological treasures of the Macedonian Empire were found, such as the Vergina Sun.

The highest mountain of Greece, Olympus is also situated here, reaching a height of almost 3000 metres. The highest top was supposed to be the home of the twelve principal gods of Ancient Greece (known as the Pantheon).
The castle of Platamon is a fortress-town at the south-east foot of mount Olympos, at a strategic position which controls the route leading from Macedonia to Thessaly and South Greece. Apart from the historical value of the castles of the region, they are also accessible and very well preserved.
Thessaloniki, the second largest city in Greece, has a population of almost 2 million inhabitants and is linked to the rest of the world with an international airport, train and bus services.
Halkidiki lies to the east with its three peninsulas forming a distinctive shape, the easternmost of which is Mount Athos (Aghion Oros) the home of a monastic state inhabited by more than two thousands monks, where women are not allowed to set foot.

The climate is generally continental, though coastal areas benefit from the moderating influence of the sea.

Mount Athos

Moni Dionyssiou

Olimpos Mountain

Moni Pantokratoros

Moni Vatopediou





Moni Dohiariou

Ancient Pella

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